From the music of Project Creation's mastermind and the beautiful voice and talent of Jessica Lehto, is born Factory of Dreams an incursion into a Fantasy World of Gothic Electronic and Progressive Rock music. 'Poles' is the new album by Hugo Flores, the debut for Factory of Dreams.

The place: A land with two sides, Positiveness and Negativeness, Dark and Light called POLES.
The World: Ruled by a Generator of illusions, the Factory of Dreams.
The Fuel: Human minds.
The Blood: A river of emotions.
The Ignition: Your music player.
Album: POLES, the debut release for 'Factory of Dreams' brand new Project by Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto. A cd with a fantastic booklet fully designed for the story told in 11 songs.


released January 1, 2008

Hugo Flores - Vocals, Music, Instruments, Production
Jessica Lehto – Vocals, Vocal harmonies and arrangements



all rights reserved


Hugo Flores Lisbon, Portugal

Multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores rose to international attention with his first solo album in 2000 called Atlantis. After that he formed the band “Sonic Pulsar” and later a multi album story-arc called 'Project Creation' that would further refine his sound. More recently Hugo created Factory of Dreams, a symphonic metal project with Jessica Lehto on vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Transmission Fails
Transmission Fails

Memory Fails
I can’t find myself
The way of living
The way of breathing
Memory Fails
Memory Fails

Memory Fails
Energy fails
I just feel hopeless
My energy’s vanishing
My body’s starving
Normal functions offline
Energy fails

Emotions fail
I care about nothing
Not even myself
What’s happening?
What’s consuming me?
Emotions fail

The Evolution stops
I can’t feed my children
And they can do nothing for me
I’m dying
My nature dies,
I yearn for my breath of life

Time goes by
Time goes by…

Systems back on
I regain my strength
The river flows once again
Reaching the deep
Corners and holes of my Mind…

Track Name: The Sight of a better Universe
The Sight of a better Universe

Did you ever feel?

Did you ever feel like you’re a number in this World?
Just a number for
The ever unsatisfied
Food for the Big machine!

Did you ever feel?

Did you ever feel like you’re a dot in the Universe?
An insignificant point
Somewhere in Nowhere Land
Where silence becomes unbearable screams
And space a crowded place

Did you ever feel like you belong to another World?
And when you try to reach it,
The Mind travels at the speed of Thought
Am I really there?

Did you ever feel lost
Hoping to be found by someone
That understands you
And knows the answer to all?

I feel like that
I can almost touch that other side…?
A world of Infinity
A world of mine
For us all

Did you ever feel?
Track Name: Air Powerplant
Air Powerplant

Part I:

It makes no sound
Breathes silently
Rumbles across the land
Almost invisible

I found this thing
In my dreams
This engine
Throwing air
For all of us
To breathe

The big machine
Can it be stopped?
And why do I want to stop it?
‘Cause it’s the Unknown to me…
And I’m afraid of what
I don’t understand
We all are, unfortunate no?
But human… whatever that means…

Part II:

This Machine
Must survive
The Powerplant
Is full of life

This machine,
If it stops
We all die…
We must help it
It must be kept Safe and
Track Name: Factory of Dreams
Factory of Dreams


The dream is set to go
Minds are ready for the show
We live and fight for the dream
Emotions flow into the stream

Generator starts the ignition
The dream is thrown into the Mindworld
To set the hope… the illusion
The greatest story ever told


Dream an illusion
Live for the Dream
Make it your life

We seek a new Happening
A gateway expanding
To the ever promised Paradise
Never here… just playing the dice

The Factory
In Production
Our dreams deceive us all
The system is in corruption
We know we’re ready
For the fall

The Factory in everyone of us
We dream, but we don’t live
We survive in this society
Seeking the illusion
Of a better World

Track Name: Gliding above the ocean of memories
Gliding above the ocean of memories

Memories, so far away…
Subconscious, so far away…
I live for today, and I’m numb…
Nor sad or happy…Dead Blank…

Watching from above
I see my memories
Drowned in the sea
The sea of my own past
I recall my life
The good days and the bad
But I live for today
Denying my own Self

I float above
My own past
Trying to escape
I glide above
Old memories
But watching, silently, closely…

As my past
Vanishes in the sea
My sea of darkness
As my mind blackens
And as I fade into
My ocean of memories…

Track Name: Peace Echoing
Peace Echoing

Despite our greed
Our severe imperfections
Some of us try to shout
The word of Peace
But these seem to vanish…

And like in a dream
You try to scream
Remain silent
You try to scream
All that comes out
A weak voice
And you keep trying…

The more we try
The more we die
The echoes reflect
What we have left
For dead,
No respect

Into reality again
We find we can do it
So we scream
So loud, so loud
The echoes multiply
A multitude of voices
Hoping someone
Will hear us
If not,
I fear we might get used
To such way of life…

Track Name: Stream of Evil
Stream of Evil

I’m really trying
To get them trapped!
How great would it be
To just flush all
I don’t like about this world
All will be gone…
I see a river of dust, dirt, evil

I’m good
I’m peace
I‘m calm
I’m Comprehension
I’m Understanding
I’m so humble
I’m so damn good!
What am I saying?

I’ll have them all
In my hands,
Crushing their existence
Blow them into pieces
Of insignificance!


Let me just destroy this
Evil River
The narcissist stream
That I’m part of…
Track Name: The Piano in the sea
The Piano in the Sea

Invisible to everyone
So lonely,
No one exists anymore
He sings its song
Now vanishing
In this sea of darkness
Never giving up
On his song

He keeps playing, he keeps singing
A song of hope
To brighten this dark sea
The song so faint
But for those
That still care
Louder than anything
In this place
Where shadows live

Never giving up
On his song

Invisible to everyone
So lonely,
No one exists anymore
He sings its song
Now vanishing
In this sea of darkness
Never giving up
On his song
In this place
Where shadows live
Track Name: Generator of Illusions
Generator of Illusions

Long ago
They came to this land
Found a corner to breed and live
Lost themselves in a
Senseless war of ‘ideology’
Lost in their own Insanity

Today, they live in us
Hiding, lurking
Igniting eruptions of violence
But also compassion…
The Sirens are screaming!
War breaks out
War breaks out!

They occupy our minds
Evolved from their origins
Only to see that
We haven’t grown up that much…
Track Name: Electric Boom
Electric Boom

We could be so bright
We could have an endless
Stream of goodwill
Denying our bad emotions

The sum of us
Would create
Energy to guide
This land’s destiny

Once unleashed,
A Big Bang would see
The light of day
Forever expanding
Forever becoming

We are Electric
We are Electric
We are the Energy
Track Name: Crossing the bridge to the positive pole
Crossing the bridge to the positive Pole

This is the future
Possibly an impossible one
I’m now crossing the bridge to the other side
The opposite Pole

Poles, Poles, The Poles,
Positive, Negative
The Poles

The Poles…
Always struggling for their sides
Each pushing their way
Each trying to be one
Imposing their own points of view
Dark and light/Light and Dark

The Poles…
Like so many things in life
Their existence is grateful
For both of them
They are inseparable
Despite their differences

“If one pole was to be Whole
It would cease to exist.”

And the river flows, my river…
My generator blows
And the sirens of war are almost inaudible!
The war inside me…

Is this the Sight
To another dimension,
Another Universe?
Is this really a Multiverse
Of states of mind…
Am I crossing the bridge
To the Place I’ve always known
But asleep for so many time

Time invades my being
Time travels through me
And I travel with time
Is this the sight to another dimension?

I arrived
No more negative thoughts
But I fear millennia
Will go by
And the idea is lost,
For there is no dark anymore…
And I fear this
I fear my own Light!