Some Kind of Poetic Destruction

by Factory of Dreams

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wildfirelink Wow!! As amazing as Melotronical already was, SKoPD manages to not only continue in the same style but top it at the same time. It's more epic, more cinematic, more catchy, more heavy, just ... more symphonic metal goodness. Both "Angel Tears" and "Dark Season" are absolutely catchy as hell. With this high quality stuff, I can't wait to hear what Factory of Dreams comes up with next! Favorite track: Angel Tears.
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somnay Gasp in Awe to Some Kind of Poetic Destruction
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    This digital album features the full length version of 'Seashore Dreams' and includes as a Bonus the remake of the track 'Playing the Universe' by Hugo Flores. the Videoclip cut of Seashore Dreams and the album Teaser.
    Also included with this digital download is the beautifully illustrated 12-page Booklet in PDF + Seashore Dreams - The Dream Sequence mp4 + Some Kind of Poetic Destruction Teaser Video mp4 + Seashore Dreams Music Video mp4

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The new album features a 12-page digital book with 12 artworks to depict the full story, 12 new tracks (including the EXTENDED version of Seashore Dreams never heard before) and several bonus tracks and goodies, great guest singers, Hugo Flores musicianship and the sublime vocals of Jessica Lehto.

New Music Video:

Teaser video:

The Dream Sequence Eery/dark teaser:

Review by DjAnubis (10/10)
'Both have conjured up yet another masterpiece and have expanded on it tenfold'
'The sonic landscape which is created here by Flores and meshed with the angelic voice of Lehto leaves one craving for more after each listen'
'(…) a record that literally makes time stand still'

Review @ Heavy Metal Haven (93/100)
'She's an absolutely stunning singer [Jessica]'
'The quality of the writing is also superb once again'

Review @ (4,5/5)
‘(…) filled with great music and excellent female lead vocalists'
'Let the story unfold as you bask in the glow of the surrounding soundscape’ – Read it all @


'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction' is Factory of Dreams 4th album. A conceptual scifi album that follows the adventures of Kyra, a unique and mysterious character who holds the key to our fate.

Something is closing in on the Earth. What is it? What is its purpose? What will happen to Earth? Discover this amazing storyline, full of surprises and mysteries, as we follow Kyra on an epic journey to find her purpose, faith and destiny throughout nearly 70 minutes of music.

This new album explores even further the sound of the previous album Melotronical, pushing it beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre. Expect poignant melodies, heavy passages balanced by atmospheric parts, rhythmical changes and instrumental sections that are sure to delight all who appreciate the genre.

Track highlights are the explosive Neutron Star, the epic Join Us into Sound, the powerful Dark Season featuring Magali Luyten, the beautiful Seashore Dreams (cd includes the full version of this track ~7 min) and Angel Tears featuring great interaction and duets between Jessica and Raquel Schüler.

Hugo Flores also decided to remake an older song called Playing the Universe, now revamped by Jessica's vocals, that perfectly fits the storyline.

This album features amazing guest vocalists and musicians:

Magali Luyten ( of Beautiful Sin, Ayreon, Epysode – Vocals

Raquel Schüler of Hydria ( – Vocals

Lyris Hung of HUNG ( – Violin

Chris Brown ( of Ghost Circus and Roswell Six – Guitar

Tadashi Goto ( – Keyboards

Shawn Gordon of Psychic for Radio ( – Keyboards


released January 1, 2013

Hugo Flores - Vocals, Music, Instruments, Production
Jessica Lehto – Vocals, Vocal harmonies and arrangements



all rights reserved


Hugo Flores Lisbon, Portugal

Multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores rose to international attention with his first solo album in 2000 called Atlantis. After that he formed the band “Sonic Pulsar” and later a multi album story-arc called 'Project Creation' that would further refine his sound. More recently Hugo created Factory of Dreams, a symphonic metal project with Jessica Lehto on vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Strange Sounds
Strange Sounds

Woke up in distress
In this unreal morning
Hear the traffic stress
The city in all its glory

I gotta leave this place
Anywhere but here
No time, no patience
I need you my love!

I hear a Sound
Up in the skies
Unusual light
Tears in my eyes
Bright skies
Sound waves
Coming our way!

Sonic Boom!
It's time to feel the Music

Windows brake, cars crash
Sounds all over the place
Lives shaken in a flash

The Stars are screaming
A storm is coming
I'm gonna be leaving
What am I becoming?

The sky turns bright
The sky turns into Sound
We knew it was coming
I saw it closing in
Her tears falling from the sky
Pulsar rain, multiplying
Slowly breaching our Earth
Collapsing the land

Now the Earth is
Somewhere between
Sanity and insanity!

‘Mayhem hit the streets
Subway is beyond chaotic
Where are you Kyra?’
Track Name: Escaping the Nightmare
Escaping the Nightmare

I rush to the subway
The underground chaos
You don't answer the cell
I wonder if you're well

This crowed theatre
Of overacting players
Doomed this poor Earth
Was this all worth?

Let me save you
From this nightmare
Drive away the dark skies
For the rest of our lives

I wish you in my arms
Freeze the World outside
Time stands still forever
Stay with me
Never sever

Can't you see?
It's been here all this time
Can't you see?
It's watching…

I’m looking for you my dear
Maybe you've fallen asleep
Danger is closing in
I love you from within

Alarm sirens scream
Desperately trying to overrule
The loudness from the clouds
And we see the fleeing crowds

I see you in the distance
Trapped by the insane crowd
I push you
I push you away!
Let's run from this day
Let's run from this nightmare!

As we kiss and embrace
We drive away fast
Behind the city collapses
In a chaotic symphony
And I recall my dream
Was it an epiphany?
Track Name: Angel Tears
Angel Tears

She is watching the World
Trying to understand it all
Channelling thoughts
Into a battle of emotions
Exploding sensations
The new Era is in motion

All her life
She dreamt of the Stars
All her life
She wished to travel afar
All her life
She lived in a restless way
All her life
She longed for this Day

The sense of mystery
Kept her flame burning
But as she grew up
Life left her yearning

Kyra I wanna be with you
Kyra please let me through
Kyra share your dream with me
Kyra the Star for us to see
Kyra don't shut me out
Kyra I wanna see your World
Kyra so much to be told

A humanist above all
The World failed on her
And I long for her caress
So I live in distress

Kyra your dreamWorld
Is now the real World
Take me to this new sensation
Where Sound is our salvation

From young age
She dreamt of a place
And as we grew closer
I was pushed into her fate

As we drive away from the city
A teardrop falls from her Face
Reflecting all the pity
Swallowed without a Trace

Kyra! Kyra!

‘As we drive away from the collapsing city
A teardrop falls from Kyra's face
Reflecting the destruction behind
We can sense and feel real danger
As the Interholo Portal
Connected to our minds
Transmits the news
Of the Pulsar rain.
We travelled several miles
Our car broke down
We can see a seashore ahead
Calling us…
Kyra, show me who you really are!
Share your mind with me’
Track Name: Seashore Dreams
Seashore Dreams

‘Have you felt the Star?
Yes, in my dreams
While 'Travelling'...
I sense her feelings
A storm is coming…’

There is a melody
To this sea
As the waves
Caress the magical sand

There is a chill in the air
As the wind blows
And the water flows
Through my veins

As real and dream
Counterpart each other
The Seashore
Slowly reveals
The great mystery

The Star reflects
Upon the water
As the Portal
Opens wide

Seashore Dreams
Stirring my imagination
Seashore Dreams
Melodic sensation
Seashore Dreams
Surrounding me
Center of Infinity

There is a melody
To this sea
As the waves
Caress the sand
Seashore Dreams

I lay down in the sand
Time is no more
As I see the future
From the seashore

As night falls
I look up to the Stars
How little I am
How small we are
The Music plays on and on

'Our bodies gave in to
The fatigue
We're resting now
Peacefully, quietly
In this beautiful valley
Seemingly safe for now...’
Track Name: Dark Season
Dark Season

Same dream again...
Crushed by this Sound
Invading my Dreamworld
And I wake up in distress
Gazing at the
Darkening skies

A strange eerie Music
Distressing Sound
Fading our Sun
Surrounding us

Darkness invades this
Doomed land
Painted black
By an invisible hand

Here we gasp in awe to
The season of darkness
Music/Our hope is shallow and pale
Our minds become so frail

Embrace the dark
Let it come to me
I am no longer afraid
No longer afraid

We fear the rumours
The Earth is invaded
Depression hits us hard
As hope is now faded

Downhill through the valley
An impossible structure
Disrupts the mesmerizing sight
Standing still and waiting...

Chorus II
This dark season
These dark minds
All connected

Dark season in our minds
Dark clouds arise

Deafening Sounds
Invading the season of darkness
It’s war inside of us
Our time has come!

Resisting my dark side
Resisting my mind
Track Name: Sound War
Sound War

'As the dark season
Ravages the land and skies
We decide to resume our journey
In an attempt to flea
The darkest depression'

This is a doomed society
A dense jungle of hypocrites
Never stopping to think
About their actions
The World has gone insane

Lost and hollow souls
Clapping their hands
For no reason at all
Thanking a God
For their misfortunes
Invoking a God
To justify their wars
And so we suffer
And so we fall into the Abyss

Demons in my mind
Hidden inside
Marching to the song
I’ve got to be strong

As we travel downhill
To the mysterious structure
My dreams are shattered
Overruled by nightmares

Suddenly from the east
We hear the sweetest melody
Soon to morph into
The powerful symphony of war
The battle of Sounds
Crashing within the clouds

The land rumbles
The skies ROAR!

Demons in my mind
Slowly dying inside
As the bright song prevails
And the new season hails!
Track Name: Hope Garden
Hope Garden

Time stands still
Within this garden
As the seasons go by
In the World outside

Majestic gardens
Floating trees
Conveying emotions
I'm travelling afar

The magic garden
A Portal to the unknown
The trees
The flowing nature of Sound
The roots
Connecting everything to me
This magic garden
For all of us to see

Chorus 2
Time stands still
Within this garden
As the seasons go by
In the World outside
It's my Garden of Hope

I recall the lost forests of Earth
As I watch through the holopad
Doorway to a past so tender

I see Eras pass me by
As I watch the Earth outside
And I realize I'm the energy
Inside every particle
I ascend again!

Hope Garden!

Two eyed flowers
Living in the hilltops
Of Hope Garden

The eyes of Travelling
As the sun rises
And the Earth shines

It pulses...
It morphs...
It releases
The Link!

Gliding gently
In mid air
The Portal is open
Until the Link fades
Embraced by the soil
It's time
To contact
The Star

The other side
Track Name: Traveling

It all came back to me
The Travelling ways
Within the classroom

Childhood memories
Hidden but anxious
To be awaken
In times of need

Late at night
Eerie dreams
From the unknown
Invaded my thoughts
Changed my mind

Show me the way
To your mind
Show me the
Darkness inside

Reveal me the secret
As the echoes
From Earth
Shatter away
All hope!

And so we travel
Searching for
The meaning
But there’s no answer...

And so we call
Upon the Halans
Deeply connected
To the Universes

Through the years
They dreamt
Of the consciousness
Indefinable to their eyes
They spoke of a Star...
“And they were right!”

“We explored
New worlds
We left the body
We cleared the mind!”

And so we found the path
The Star Portal within our grasp

Waves of sadness
Bursting from her
Destroying every hope
Revealing the secret

Lightness fighting darkness
Darkness in all its Starkness
The War echoes from Earth
From Earth

“Inside the garden
The secret classroom
Where the Travelling ways are taught
Is filled with people
Accessing the Portal

Childhood memories
Hidden and now awaken
Reaching the deep corners of Space
Entering the realm of the Star's Mind...”
Track Name: The Neutron Star
The Neutron Star

Once a massive Star
Compressing its core
Rotating faster and faster
Became Supernova
The Neutron Star is born
Rotating faster and faster

Slowly fading away
After ten billion years
Hidden from Earth
Within the Dimension of Sound
Dimension of Sound

Each neutron a soul
Each soul a Sound
Each beam an emotion
Change is in motion

Magnetized mind
Pulsating atomic clock

Magnetized mind
Pulsating atomic clock
Radiation beam
Directed to Earth

Protons and electrons
Magnetic field peaking
The Star accelerates
Electrical field rises

Observed long ago
As its beam
Touches our Earth
We discover
The 'Travelling' ways
The Star's conscience
Is within our grasp

Her memories
Shattered by atrocities
Inflicted upon the Earth
Her anger grows strong
Unleashing the rage of
Sonic Pulsars

‘Supernova in 10 seconds
Brace for impact!’
Track Name: Join us Into Sound
Join us into Sound

'As we walk through the dark gateway
Created from the obscure Music played within the valley
Our minds compose a fearful melody
That rapidly fades away...
I sense the melting of minds
As Kyra mirrors the Star’s emotions
The bright Music is playing at the end of the tunnel
Leading to the Star
And the struggle is over'
‘The Star expands all Music into a single Melody
Playing the Universe
We Become the Universe'

My mind travels
My body fades
Into realms
Of the unknown

The energy flows
As I enter this place
All becomes one
The Music is louder!

Take me away
To the new Paradise
Tell me the way
And let my soul Rise

Tell me the way
New things to be found
Take me away
To the Universe of sounds

Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!
Join us Into Sound!

The memories of
My Earthly days
Now part of this Universe
Of endless Music

Within the Neutron Star
Infinity becomes the path
To reach the new Dimension

I was, I am and I will be
What every being as ever been
And what dreams are made of
Energize me

To everyone:
Late at night
In deep sleep
Join me into Sound!

Join me!
Join me into Sound!
Track Name: Some Kind of Poetic Destruction Teaser
Teaser for the Factory of Dreams album 'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction'.

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